Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Cake!!

I'll make this brief.  I am in a contest...a battle of kitchens, if you will.  I'm neck and neck with another contestant battling for first place.  I NEED your votes.  Whip out your pcs, your smartphones, Ipads, ANYTHING that has interent access and vote for my Yummy Banana Cake.

I do not lose gracefully, people.  I'm a sort of a sore loser.

Also, bambi eyes...
How can you say no?  You can't.  If you can, it means you are a cruel jerk that kicks kittens and puppies, slaps babies, and punches old people.  I'm just saying!

So, to prove to everyone you aren't a big meanie pants please visit Big K Little a and vote.  The poll is located on the left hand side of the page.  Please cast your vote for my Yummy Banana Cake.  When I win, I will give all of my supporters a slice.


  1. I'm a sucker for big eyed kittens and recipe blogs. Likely since I've got one of my own. I'll run over and vote, good luck.

  2. Awww... darn now I feel bad that I voted for you... Please no kicking puppies... the baby slapping is ok. JK

    The competition:

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  4. I tried to vote for you ,but the voting was over, then I tired to leave a comment, but then I must have messed up.:)) Anyhow, the banana cake was a clear winner , it looked good and I wish I had it right here in front of me.
    Some of the entries were kind of scary to me, like the casserole thing... Yuk. I really hope you won.
    And I tried to leave you my info, as I have found you on the spring blog hop, and was wondering if you could check out my blog too:
    Did You win?

  5. AAAAAhhha. You have two blogs. Then I am not going crazy.(Thank God, or whoever may or may not be there:))) Good. Well, did you win?
    I hope You did. I always get second places in beading contest and it sucks. I don;t wish it on anyone. I hop you won.

  6. Thanks for trying to give me a vote, Kinga. I followed both of your blogs. I'm not able to comment because blogger is being a jerk and isn't letting me sign in through google.
    Your jewelry is amazing and Sammy is adorable!

  7. BTW, Kinga, "White Rabbit" is my favorite Jefferson Airplane song.


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